Five Reasons Not to Skip a Photobooth at Your Wedding

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A photographic guest book

Your photographer will do their best to capture as much as they can, but it's nearly impossible to photograph all of your guests, especially if you have a large wedding. A photobooth ensures that you'll have a photo of every single guest that shared in your special day.

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Unexpected entertainment

Guests expect a DJ or band, but a photobooth adds another level of fun to the celebration. Silly props and an engaged photobooth attendant will encourage your guests to let loose and enjoy candid moments in front of the camera.

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Express your unique style

With custom backdrops and print templates, a photobooth is another way to create a unique party atmosphere and express your personal style.

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Capture the spontaneous moments

While your photographer will cover the ceremony and formal family portraits, a photobooth captures the wilder side of the party.

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Guests take a memory home

The days of figuring out a wedding favor for your guests are over. With high-quality prints for everyone, the photobooth takes care of that for you. Photo strips will hang on refrigerators and bulletin boards for months to come, reminding your guests of the special evening they shared with you.